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Apply to Adopt an Old English Sheepdog

Under these current extraordinary times,
we are not accepting applications for adoption.

We place 2-4 healthy, but unwanted, Old English Sheepdogs in loving homes every month. The average age of our rescue dogs is 3-5 years. We rescue and place dogs ONLY in California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada. If you are not located in our area of the country, please visit The Old English Sheepdog Club of America website to see a list of rescue organizations in your area.

STEP 1. Please Read Our Terms

Please be sure to read and understand our terms of adoption before you apply. At the time you adopt a dog you will be asked to sign and agree to the terms of Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California, Inc., adoption/placement agreement and make a minimum donation.


STEP 2. Fill Out Application Form to Get On Our Wait-list

Fill out the application form, we currently have a wait-list for dogs, so please be patient. We have no way of knowing how long your wait for a rescue dog will be as we cannot predict when a rescue dog will enter our program via an animal shelter or from an owner who is unable to keep their dog.

Under these current extraordinary times,
we are not accepting applications for adoption.

Adoption Application

Have you ever owned an OES before?

Prefer Male or Female OES?

Preferred age range (check all that apply) Note: most of our rescue dogs are aged 3 to 5

Do you have children in the home?

Do you babysit for other kids?

Do you plan on increasing your family in next 5 years?

Is someone home during the day?

Is someone home in the evening?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Are you willing to install one?

Are you willing to crate train a dog?

Are you willing to take your dog to obedience classes?

* REQUIRED INTERVIEW: in order for you to adopt an OES from our program, it is NECESSARY FOR YOU TO HAVE A PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF OUR RESCUE COMMITTEE MEMBERS. The purpose of this interview is to acquaint you with our breed, its problems and feeding requirements*

STEP 3: At Time of Adoption

When you your home visit is completed, and you are ready to adopt, you will be require to sign our Terms of Adoption Agreement and make the minimum donation. Your dog will be given appropriate shots, spay or neutered, vet checked, and groomed prior to placement.

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