Hoover ribbon for dogs
2021 Virtual Rescue & Friends parade for Old English Sheepdogs
Ivy ribbon for dogs

2021 Catalog

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#1 Norton

Norton is 7 years old and enjoyed this vacation but is really hoping to be back at his therapy work at St. John’s Health Center soon.

Norton OES

#2 Dory

Dory is young and loves to herd, chase, snuggle and play with her brother Hoover. She just loves everyone!

Dory OES

#3 Hoover

Hoover is 5 years old with a very loving and protective personality. He adores his sister Dory, and loves to play with her!

Hoover OES

#4 Lulu

Lulu is 4 years old and loves to cuddle with her new family. Lulu was a little nervous with cats but now gives them kisses.

Lulu OES

#5 Winston

Winston is 4 years old and enjoys his new friend Lulu. Love and positive reinforcement helps him feel confident.

Winston OES

#6 Ivy

Ivy is 12 years old and came to us as a puppy. She is all personality and has rules that are to be followed and obeyed.


#7 Shakespeare

Shakespeare is 9 years old, loves to chase squirrels, play with his toys with his sister, Lily, and the love of his life, Ivy.

Shakespeare OES

#8 Lily

Lily likes to protect her family at home by chase all squirrels away.

Lily OES

#9 Cora

Cora and Gracie love Christmas and also love Santa Dog!

Cora Gracie OES

#10 Gracie

Cora and Gracie love Christmas and also love Santa Dog!

Cora Gracie OES

#11 Thatcher

Thatcher is excited to be in the parade. This photo was right after he was clipped and cleaned but before he got back in the mud.

Thatcher OES

#12 Bella

Bella alternates her time doing zoomies in the yard with her Newfi-sister and lounging on the bed or a cool tile floor.


#13 Hoover

Hoover is 2 years old with a very old soul. Sometimes he acts his age but mostly surprises us with how serious he can be.


#14 Mattie

Mattie just turned 14 years old and still enjoys her walks twice a day. She is very loving toward our neighbors and everyone loves her.

Mattie OES

#15 Polly

Polly is a loving, passionate and precious dog of many talents. She loves her roommates Java and Waffles


#16 Bennie

Bennie is a spirited 10 year old and still enjoys living in the desert. He is the light of our lives!


#17 Vincent

Vincent is an 11 year old living the fabulous life in Las Vegas! He’s called the Mayor of Peccole Ranch, because he loves greeting everyone.

Vincent OES

#18 Bodie

Bodie is 8 years old and a playful puppy at heart. He loves camping in the trailer, walks, swimming and his food.


#19 Mopsy

Mopsy is all love, licks and snuggles. Her favorite activity is enthusiastically greeting passersby on her daily walks.


#20 Duncan

Duncan is an amazing watchdog who loves to guard his family. He enjoys Celtic Music & taking walks with his brother Rupert.


#21 Rupert

Rupert, the bear loves to jog and enjoys his walks with his brother Duncan. Rupert currently is in training to be a Therapy dog.


#22 Della

Della rests to be ready to defend us from the gardener, UPS driver and any possum walking along the fence in the middle of the night.


#23 Kensi

Kensi knows a girl can never have too many toys!


#24 Bruno

Bruno has become our close soulmate over the years. Our family dearly loves this beautiful boy who has touched our lives.


#25 Ollie

Ollie is now 4 year old. He still loves his toys, and is always happy when someone comes by (except the letter carrier).


#26 Emma

Emma is super friendly and enjoys playing with her friends at the park.


#27 Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby is 12 years old and likes to snooze all day. His favorite food is Jack in the Box.

Emma OESR #27

#28 Emmett

Emmett loves to go swimming and people watching is his other favorite way to pass time.


#29 Wyatt Blue

Wyatt Blue is still enjoying his hillside home and continues to be a joy to his owner.

Wyatt Blue

#30 Misty

Misty is making new friends and enjoying her garden but a little lonely after losing her littermate to cancer last year.


#31 Oslo

Oslo is 9 months old and so happy living with his new older OES sister Winnie that loves him.


#32 Romy

Romy is a very sweet 4 year old girl that absolutely loves playing ball.


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