Sweet 16

by Jane Dempsey and Karen Roth


Earlier in the week, we thought our 16th Annual Rescue Parade would be called “sizzling sixteen” but luckily the heat wave gripping Southern California broke. Water misters installed for the show by the Burbank Kennel Club along with a wonderful breeze made Sunday, September 27, 2009 a perfect day. Thirty-four Old English Sheepdogs made their way to the parade.

It was a day to see friends and watch doggy family reunions. We had littermates who were so excited to be reunited that they wanted to turn the area into a big playground. One touching scene was a puppy whose Mom was just as happy to see her as she was to see Mom. Mom and puppy nuzzled for about five minutes when they first got together after several months. The rescue dog owners were just as excited as the dogs to see other parade participants and dogs that they have met over the years.

Our “area” was set up for the arriving crowd. It is funny how people decide not to set up near you when you mention that 30 Old English Sheepdogs will be here soon – it seems that thirty+ OES know how to clear an area., Everyone stayed cool under the trees and watched the show until parade time.

Once again, we were treated to a variety of haircuts, hair styles and sizes. There were two common denominators – the dogs were so very proud of their owners and the owners were so very proud of their dogs. At varied speeds, the dogs and their happy owners went around the ring to the applause of the crowd as their stories were read. Burbank Kennel Club President, Marilyn Mayfield, greeted each dog and participant at the end of their “go around” to present the ribbons.

We can’t say enough about our gracious hosts, the Burbank Kennel Club – they are really the best! Our thanks to our parade sponsors: General Cage, PearlParadise.com, DKNY, Ganalt Lumber, 1800PetMeds, and Tropiclean. A special thank you to Brentwood Pet Clinic, The Pet Affaire, Dr. Margarita Abalos and the Town Center Animal Hospital for their help throughout the year.

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