Going Strong at 15!

by Jane Dempsey, Karen Roth and Diane Reynolds

In 1994, after doing the rescue program for a few years, we came up with an idea to hold a rescue parade. Our thought was that it would be a way to see the Old English Sheepdogs that had gone through our rescue program and thank the special people who adopted them. We decided to use a format which would showcase each dog moving around the ring, receiving a ribbon and having their picture taken. We would never have imagined that we would celebrate our 15th Anniversary Rescue Parade on September 28, 2008 with 38 dogs!

We are so very grateful to the Burbank Kennel Club who has hosted the rescue parade for the last ten years. We cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and encouragement. Our rescue dogs and owners look forward to coming to the Burbank Kennel Club Show and have enjoyed every year.

Each year, our rescue dogs of various sizes and shapes “strut their stuff” around the ring to the applause of the crowd at the show. Then each dog and their owner pose for a photo with their winning rosette. When all the dogs have gone around the ring individually, we attempt to get a group photo.

Our rescue booth is headquarters for the yearly visits of owners and their dogs before and after the parade. Various assorted bathing techniques, brushing hints, and obedience dilemmas were the most talked about subjects. The day is such a mix of emotions for everyone – from the tears after seeing how wonderful the dogs look today, to the memories of the rescue dogs no longer with us, to the laughter and the usual OES antics.

Our thanks to General Cage, 1800PetMeds, Donna Karen, Tommy Hilfiger, Andy Plisko and Cathy Wills who were our parade sponsors. Many thanks also to the other OESCA members who helped with the parade: Marilyn Mayfield, Marilyn Marshall, Terry Kaufman, Christine Pesche, Donna Busby and Linda Zimmerman.

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