What a Weekend!

by Jane Dempsey and Susan Norlund

Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California, Inc. set up its canopy and raffle in the sun on the Friday before the big weekend of shows. The gigantic fundraiser raffle was held on Saturday. The presence of Burbank Kennel Club guests Miss Mae West and her ardent companion, Mr. W.C. Fields, charmed the crowd around the raffle. Exhibitors gazed at a treasure trove of prizes between ring times. Items ranged from gift certificates for oil changes to food baskets and from dog crates to Black Cashmere perfume.

What’s black and white and wet all over?

Most everyone wore the “Black and White” colors of the Burbank Kennel Club for the prestigious December 5th Burbank Kennel Club show and the Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California Annual Parade.

All those hours of grooming went down the drain as raindrops were the order of the day. Dogs and people alike had a wonderful time trying to side-step the puddles. The rains this year pelted spectators and sheepdogs alike.

Singing in the rain was more than just an old-time tune for the 26 happy participants of the annual event. The rain gods were smiling and the parade participants were laughing right along! Because the forecaster had predicted the precipitation, all came completely prepared for the puddles. The group enjoyed huddling together under the shelter talking “sheep”.

Raindrops keep falling on our heads . . .

Parade participants sloshed about the ring laughing all the way. No one seemed to mind jogging around the ring in the rain. As for the delighted dogs, it was perfect weather for being joyful and cavorting merrily. The more heavily-coated dogs remained dry at skin level. (This will come as no news to all of us who have tried to wet the coat thoroughly for bathing).

Marilyn Mayfield, President of the Burbank Kennel Club, presented the spectacular black and white rosettes to all participants. As each dog circled the ring individually, the show announcer provided color commentary advising the crowd from which shelter the dog was originally rescued, etc. Kristi and Marilyn Marshall served as ring steward and photographer. A wonderful floral arrangement was a highlight of the individual photos taken of each dog with Ms. Mayfield (that was until rescue-boy Petey mistook the arrangement for a fire hydrant).

Friendships were rekindled and new friends were made. A whopping good time was had by all. A small raffle with a variety of things OES was held on Sunday. The sale table included beautifully hand-knitted OES-hair scarves, a dynamite cookie jar, socks (which doubled as gloves and mittens on this chilly day), Christmas cards, and Southwest OES Rescue cook books.

Our special thanks to our sponsors: Tommy Hilfiger. Donna Karan, General Cage, Jackson National Bank, Cathy Wills/Prudential California Realty, Garrison Financial and Traditional Escrow.

On a more serious note, much needed funds were raised by the raffle and sales items. It was wonderful to see how well the rescue dogs have done over the past year. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our gracious hosts, Marilyn Mayfield and the Burbank Kennel Club, as well as all of the OES Rescue volunteers who made this event possible.

We can’t wait until next year. Mark your calendars for the 12th Annual OES Rescue Parade and raffle at the Burbank Kennel Club Dog Show (Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys) on October 1-2, 2005!

Please help us keep our doors open to Old English Sheepdogs in need!

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