7th Annual Parade is an International Event!

by Christine Pesche and Jane Dempsey

Forty plus OES rescue dogs took to the ring on Saturday, June 10th at the Burbank Kennel Club Show. Our 7th annual rescue parade featured former OES rescue boys and girls along with their companion OES’s. It was truly an international event. The parade had a rescue girl originally from England and a former Southern California rescue girl now living in Canada.

The crowd of onlookers applauded and cheered as the dogs made their way around the ring. The show announcer introduced each dog and owner while informing the crowd how each dog had come to be a rescue dog. The rescue dogs strutted their stuff individually and then as a group. OESCA member and Burbank Kennel Club President Marilyn Mayfiled posed for a photo with each participant as she presented a rosette to them. The rosettes were black and white to keep with the color theme of the Burbank Kennel Club.

After the parade and raffle, participants lingered, enjoying picnic lunches. Several rescue dogs were observed walking around the show grounds with their owners. The parade ribbons were prominently attached to their collars or leashes. Show judges, exhibitors, and vendors commented to us on how great it was to see the rescue dogs and their proud owners. OES Rescue of Southern California, Inc. couldn’t have been more pleased with all the participants. We were reminded of the true reason we volunteer for rescue. – To place healthy, but unwanted OES in loving homes.

We truly appreciate the support of our parade sponsors: Petco, Precision Pet Products, The FrameStore, Sharper Image, and Rent-a-Wreck. We also give a big thank you to the OESCA members who helped with the parade, raffle and impromptu grooming sessions.

We are honored to be invited back by the Burbank Kennel Club to hold our 8th Annual Rescue Parade on Saturday, September 1, 2001 (Labor Day Weekend). Mark your calendars and sharpen your scissors! We need people to help with all the events and we need donations for our raffle. Please contact us and come join the fun!

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