Beverly Hills adopts 19th Annual OES Rescue Parade
by Jane Dempsey –
photos by Linda Ford and Linda Zimmerman

The City of Beverly Hills came to our rescue and adopted our 19th Annual Rescue Parade. On March 11, 2012, we became a part of their wonderful event called Woofstock 90210 held at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. We had no idea of where we would go this year, when our usual hosts, the Burbank Kennel Club had a site and date change.

Woofstock 90210 is a family fun day with about 4,000 attendees that includes vendors, dog demonstrations, pet adoptions, contests, pet parades and our rescue parade. We received a great deal of press coverage including making the ABC news in Los Angeles on Sunday which was replayed in cities all over the country on Monday. Fox news aired a segment. NBC news had a great quote about the event, “When you aren’t cuddling with a potential new fur buddy or donating blankets, you can take in a few lawn bowling lessons, watch the pet parade (that’ll be Shari Belafonte in the lead), or, wait for it, watch the Old English Sheepdog Parade. We don’t mean to love on one breed too much, but if you are going to throw a single-breed parade, the Old English Sheepdog seems the perfect candidate. Can you picture dozens of them together? Snap, snap, snap, shall go the cameras…” If you would like to view some of the videos, please visit our website.

Our vet, Dr. Richard Martin passed out the ribbons and posed with each dog and their owner. He commented on how happy the dogs all looked showing off their owners.

Many of the rescue dogs donned “donation dog vests” to walk around the event and brought in some much needed cash for our rescue.

Our thanks go to those OESCA members who came to help and visited with all the rescue dogs and their owners. Special thanks to Lupine Pet Products for the beautiful Woofstock leashes. This year, our parade is dedicated to all of our donors, volunteers, the staff of Brentwood Pet Clinic and staff of the Pet Affaire.

We had a lovely shaded area with picnic tables for us to enjoy visiting with each other before the rescue parade started. Then everyone set off for the “ring” at one time down a long walkway. I forgot the ribbons (duh!) and went back to our set up. As I walked behind the 3 dozen rescue dogs with their owners and friends, I had to laugh as people noticed the large group walking. The double takes and reaction was very funny!

We are not sure where we will be next year but we hope you will join us for our 20th Annual OES Rescue Parade! We always have a great time!

Please help us keep our doors open to Old English Sheepdogs in need!

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