Rescue Dogs are Winners in the Ring

by Heidi Graham and Jane Dempsey

The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for our 6th Annual Rescue Parade. In our new location at the Burbank Kennel Club Show, the rescue dogs gathered under large shade trees in anticipation of their turn to trot around the ring with their loving owners. At the stroke of 1 PM – it was time to begin!

A catalog of parade participants was passed out to the many spectators who lined the ring, courtesy of our sponsors Petco, Precision Pet Products, The FrameStore, Rent a Wreck and The Sharper Image. A brief biography of each dog was read by the ring announcer as the dogs trotted, pulled and bounced their way around the ring to applause and cheers. A ribbon of participation was presented to each owner and dog by Burbank Kennel Club President Marilyn Mayfield at the completion of their turn around the ring. Then, it was time for the group parade.

Forty two former OES rescue dogs circled the ring and lined up for the group photo by parade photographer, OESCA member Kristi Marshall. It took two shots to fit them all in!

Following the rescue parade, the Group judging began for the Burbank Kennel Club Show starting with the Herding Group. A cheer went up from the rescue participants for the OES as she gaited the ring. It was followed by a loud burst of applause as the OES received a group placement.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with grooming demonstrations, endless stories of sheepdog antics and our giant rescue raffle. It was a beautiful day filled with fun, laughter and happy tears. Our rescue parade is thrilled to be invited back next year and we have already marked our calendars for Saturday, June 10th, 2000! A big thank you to OESCA member Marilyn Mayfield and all the members of the Burbank Kennel Club for hosting this year’s rescue parade and making us feel so welcome. The special winners in the ring that day were all the adopted rescue dogs and their loving owners.

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