Lights, Camera, Action

Our 4th Annual Parade
by Heidi Graham and Jane Dempsey

It was sunshine, cameras, and a lot of video action combined with a light breeze that kept things cool as the Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California’s Fourth Annual Parade began on Saturday, May 10th, 1997.

More than twenty former rescue OES boys and girls and their proud owners took to the ring shortly after judging concluded at the Old English Sheepdog Club of Southern California’s Spring Specialty. As the dogs gaited individually around the ring, you could hear the cameras clicking, the camcorders humming, and the crowd of spectator cheering.

The rescue dogs really enjoyed hearing the crowd as they pranced and danced around the ring, with their happy owners in tow.

Tommie Nuckolls, owner of Club Pet in Tehachapi, presented a ribbon and posed for pictures with each rescue dog. It was a very special and memorable day for Tommie. Many of the rescue dogs stayed at her kennel while waiting to find a new home. Compared to the day when they entered our rescue program, most rescue dogs look quite different on parade day.

Tommie got to see the transformation of rescue dogs that she had last seen with shaved coats, now posing for pictures in full coat. Once again, because of the tremendous participation from our rescue homes, we had to take our group picture in sections. The sight of so many Old English Sheepdogs-in-a-row now placed in loving homes is what inspires us to continue doing rescue.

Donations from PETCO, Doskocil, Pet Center, Inc., Presision Pet Products, Winners Circle Ribbons, So. California Dog Magazine, and Bio-Groom made it possible to produce this year’s parade catalog. Our “Rescue Raffle” was bigger and better than ever. Our thanks go out to all of you who made the raffle possible. Your donations are truly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Fifth Annual OES Rescue Dog Parade on Saturday, May 9th, 1998. Mark your calendars for May, 1998! Come to the OESCA National Specialty, the OES Club of Southern California Specialty and stay to see our “Parade of Rescue Stars”. We really do want to meet all of you who have made this program possible over the years. Without your support, there would be no parade.

Please help us keep our doors open to Old English Sheepdogs in need!

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