18th Annual Rescue Parade was a relief for one Judge

by Jane Dempsey – Photos by Linda Ford, Terry Kaufman and Linda Zimmerman


Our hosts, the Burbank Kennel Club were gracious as ever and the sun shined as thirty-four Old English Sheepdogs participated in our 18th Annual Rescue Parade. There seemed to be more people than ever watching and cheering as the rescue dogs paraded around the group ring individually. Each rescue dog received their ribbon from OESCA member and Burbank Kennel Club President Marilyn Mayfield and posed for a photo. Our group line-up assembled and weaved their way across the ring for their group photo.

Many of the judges at the Burbank Kennel Club Dog Show watch our rescue parade each year but judging was running late this year. As the rescue dogs emerged from the ring, one judge walked past with a quizzical look and OESCA member Marilyn Marshall asked him if he watched the parade. He said, “Rescue parade? What Rescue Parade”. She responded, “Didn’t you notice all the OES in the ring?” He looked around again, and said he was just thinking how glad he was that he judged OES yesterday as he wouldn’t know how to judge our OES coming out of the ring. We all got a great laugh out of that!

Thanks to OESCA members Terry Kaufmann, Linda Zimmerman, Diane Reynolds, Marilyn and Kristy Marshall along with the many volunteers who helped with the parade and silent auction. A big shout out to our great sponsors: General Cage, Nutri Science, Disneyland, SG, DNKY, and Andy Plisko – we could not have done it without you!

We are very grateful to the OESCA members who visited with all the rescue dogs and their owners. Everyone enjoyed telling OES stories and sharing grooming tips. We dedicated our parade to all our donors and volunteers, the staff of Brentwood Pet Clinic and the staff of the Pet Affaire.

We hope that you can come and join us next year for our 19th Annual Rescue Parade. We always have a great time! Update! New location in 2012 – let us know if you have any ideas for a great location. We will let you know about the date and location ASAP. We’ll see you at the Rescue Parade!

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